Learn more about Lewis River Academy from two of its students:

Join Caleb and Elizabeth Osorio, two of Lewis River Academy's students, as they talk about Woodland Public Schools' innovative LRA program in this video they made themselves. 

For Prospective Families:

Is home study right for my family?

Many LRA families are committed homeschoolers, who choose LRA for its quality curriculum and partnership with grade level teachers, as well as opportunities to connect with the local school community.

Other LRA families chose home study for a change of pace for their student: more flexibility, more family support, fewer distractions, facing unique challenges or opportunities during a season of life.  

Each family has a unique story, which we do our best to understand and support.

How does the program work?

To start, parents/guardians need to be available, daily learning coaches for students working at home.  Active parent/guardian involvement is key for students at all levels.  

Upon admission to the program, each family works with a grade-level teacher to outline a student learning plan with goals and subjects for the year.  We talk about specific concerns and needs and how to address them.

Each school day at home, students work toward these goals in one of our learning programs: K12, Edgenuity, or Odysseyware.  The expectation is that students should work on each subject at least 1 hour per day.  All lessons must be mastered at 80% or above.  Work is assigned each school day, though families set their own schedules to complete work.  

Each week, students check in with their teacher.  New families have regular meetings to discuss what's going well, work through any challenges, and see how teachers can help troubleshoot or support the next week's learning. 

Each month, families receive a progress report to show whether they've made satisfactory monthly progress in the learning programs.  This means:

  • Students complete lessons at mastery level (80%+)
  • Students are on-time in the program, achieving monthly goals
  • Students have weekly conversations, or contact,  with their teachers about their learning

Families with a good routine of working every school day, staying on time in their learning programs, and staying in communication with teachers weekly are successful each month. 

What technology do we need?

Our learning programs assume that students are accessing the system via a laptop or desktop and broadband internet. 

Families with students in grades K-5 will need to provide daily access to a home computer or laptop for students to access and use our learning programs online.  

Families with students grades 6-8 may be eligible for a school-provided Chromebook if devices are not available at home. 

How much parent/guardian involvement is required?

Parents/guardians are daily teachers at home.  We ask each family to develop a weekly schedule for parents to be available to lead learning daily in grade-level curriculum.  

  • Younger and less-independent students need active parent participation: leading them through lessons, discussing, helping them understand,practice and master work and concepts.  Plan for 5 hours per day (1 hour per subject; ELA can be longer).
  • Older students will need parents to help them develop study skills, correct mistakes, give feedback on work.  

LRA teachers work with each family to help parents grow into this role

How do LRA teachers help?

New families will have regular, weekly in-person or virtual appointments with your LRA teacher to discuss the week's work and answer questions.  For urgent questions about material, email your teacher during school hours.

We are enthusiastic classroom teachers who love thinking with you about how to help students be successful.  We can help answer questions, address learning needs, equip you with online or hands-on resources,  and find fun ways of practicing key grade level skills.

I'm concerned that my student has gaps in their learning.

At the beginning of the year, all LRA students will take the i-Ready Math and Reading diagnostic online.  This will help us tailor curriculum and learning plans to fill in gaps. 

My student likes a challenge/works above grade level.  Will this be challenging enough for them?

Yes!  We match coursework to students' ability levels.  They are always welcome to work ahead.  

LRA provides coursework in math, English language arts, science, and social studies.  We encourage families to make these subjects part of a rich daily learning routine, including independent reading, projects, family responsibilities and participation in school and local activities and organizations of interest. 

My student has an IEP/504 Plan/Special Needs.  Can LRA address those?

In some cases, LRA is a great fit since it's individualized.  Be sure to note your student's supports and needs on your application and Jake Hall (our principal) will discuss your options with you upon admission.

We're interested!  What do we do next?
  1. Register with the Woodland district registrar by clicking here.
  2. When we receive your application, we will call to schedule an interview with LRA's principal
  3. An LRA teacher will contact you by phone or email to develop a learning plan, including choosing a learning program
  4. We'll provide you with orientation information and how to get started