Since your student's earliest days, parent/guardian interaction provides the basis for learning.  At LRA, this parent-led learning continues alongside our online learning programs.  

LRA Parents or "Learning Coaches" commit to being active in their student's daily lessons.  

This includes:

  • Establishing school routines in the home when guardians are available to lead learning
  • Relating the courses' skills and knowledge to student interest
  • Helping the student understand and achieve the goals of the lesson or assignment
  • Ensuring the student has a good, independent understanding of the material without shortcuts or gaming through the learning program
  • Giving feedback on student work according to the objectives/rubrics
  • Coordinating with LRA teachers to ensure pacing and individualization serve students' needs

Many LRA families think of themselves as homeschoolers, developing a family-based culture of learning in the home while using LRA's materials and consulting with LRA's teachers. 

Click here to download the Student Handbook for Lewis River Academy students.

K-5 Learners:

K 12 logoK-5 learners require active parent leadership and help throughout daily lessons.  We use the K-12 learning program for these younger learners, which provides lessons and assessments online, with offline books, writing assignments, projects and science labs. To learn more, go to

Grades 6-8:

Learners in grades 6-8 need parent leadership to manage time, relate material, and help manage projects and longer assignments.  At these grades, students may choose between a text-based online learning program, Odysseyware, or a video-based learning program, Edgenuity.

Our online curricula ensures that students are working on concepts, skills and knowledge comparable to coursework in mainstream schools.  LRA teachers work closely with families to help families teach each unique learner at home. 

Odyssey ware logo 


Odysseyware was intentionally designed to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners and address diverse learning styles, by incorporating embedded interactive, multimedia instructional videos, learning games, rich illustrations, and animations. A text-to-speech function is perfect for auditory learners and Odysseyware's translate is a strong resource for ELL programs. To learn more go to

Children working on projects


LRA Curriculum Options

At LRA, we believe that parents are the first and most important educators for their children. Our learning programs expect that parents/learning coaches are actively involved to plan, read, tutor and grade/give feedback as the student works to complete lessons.

K12/Stride-Learning Solutions Odysseyware Edgenuity
Grade Levels K-5 5-8 6-8
What Learning Looks Like

Parents plan and prepare lessons using hard-copy or online guidebooks, gather materials, then guide learners through the lesson.  Activities include hands-on manipulatives, literature and workbooks.

Parents/independent learners read through online lessons, then (help) learners complete online questions and writing assignments to process and practice the information.

Parents monitor student progress and grade student work as it is completed, providing feedback for the learner.

Recorded teacher video provides lesson along with visuals.  Printable guided notes reinforce key words and terms. 

Parents monitor student progress and grade student work as it is completed, providing feedback for the learner.

Support for Learning Differences

  • Select text to have read aloud
  • Highlight bar on screen to narrow focus of text
  • Some audio versions of materials available
  • Text-to-speech
  • Online notes
  • Vocabulary Look-Up
  • Translation of student content
  • Video transcripts/captions
  • Text-to-speech
  • Online notes
  • Guided/Printable Notes
  • Vocabulary Look-Up
  • Translation of student content

Program Preview 

K12 Experience & Time Commitment

Odysseyware Student Experience

Edgenuity Student Experience

Teacher Comments

We love this program for its balance of online and offline activities for younger learners.  It is challenging, and requires daily parent leadership to help learners complete all parts of the lesson.  

This is a rigorous program which works best for strong readers or students with an adult actively reading and leading alongside them.  All materials are online, but can be printed for students to work offline and upload later.  If students are not strong typists, they will need to practice in order to fill in writer boxes.  

With video-based lessons and printable study guides, Edgenuity is a good fit for most students and suits a variety of learning styles.