Q: What will be cut if the levy is not approved?

If the levy is not approved, the school board must reduce spending by $3,000,000 next year. The cuts will be deep and difficult. Some programs that are significantly funded by the local levy but still underfunded (such as special education, which is underfunded by about $600,000) must be maintained because they are mandated, even though the state does not fully fund them. 

Class sizes, particularly in grades 4-12, will increase in size significantly. Many classes that typically have lower enrollment (Advanced Placement, arts, music, etc.), particularly at the Middle School and High School level, will likely be eliminated entirely.

Extracurricular programs such as drama, clubs, athletics, pep-band, etc. will be reduced or eliminated. 

Textbooks, library books, and other curriculum materials will not be updated. Staffing that supports teaching, school cleaning and maintenance, and school/district administration and operations will likely be significantly reduced. 

In addition, technology and technology supports will likely be deeply impacted.