DISTRICT ALERT Posted Feb 22, 2018, 5:25:42 AM: Woodland Public Schools will be closed today.

Schedule and Teacher Change Requests

The High School counselors office is not currently accepting requests for schedule or teacher changes.

DROP POLICY AFTER 15TH DAY: After the 15th day of the semester a withdrawal from any class will be recorded on the student's permanent record and transcript as a withdrawal (W).

DROP POLICY AFTER QUARTER 1 OR QUARTER 3: Student's withdrawing after the end of Quarter one or Quarter three will receive an F on their permanent transcript. If the student believes there are special circumstances which should merit consideration for the F to be changed to a W, a written appeal should be presented to the Counseling Department. Appeals granted through this process will be recorded on the student's permanent record/transcript with a "W" by the dropped course.