Grades 1-12 Registration

22-23 Registration

Registrations - Starting March 1, 2022

Welcome, Parents and Guardians of new students to Woodland Public Schools!

Follow the four steps below to get your student started on their academic career:

Step 1: Contact District Registrar or Student Registration office: 
  • By  phone - 360.841.2707
  • Email   -
    • Include child's name, date of birth, physical address
    • Parent's name and phone number
Step 2: Pickup registration packet(s):
Step 3: In addition to the Registration Packet for your student, you will also need to provide the following:
  • Proof of Residency: Please bring one of the following: current utility bill, rental/mortgage/lease agreement, homeowners/rental insurance policy, public agency documents (DSHS, courts, etc.), current payroll check showing your name and address (amounts and social security numbers blacked out).
  • Immunization Records: Medically-verified Immunization record or Department of Health (CIS) Certificate of Immunization.
  • Birth Certificate: State or hospital is acceptable (Kinder and 1st grade-only)
Step 4: Submit the above documentation to the District Registrar: