Freshman year

  • Freshmen Year
  • Presentation with Visual Aid
    • Required for CP
    • Taught and assessed in PE 9/Health (Students can “pass” this requirement in other classes after initial attempt in English 9)

Sophomore Year

  • Presentation w/ Multimedia (See Tech. Skills)
    • Required for CP
    • Taught and assessed in English 10

Junior Year

  • Research career or interest area
    • Taught/assessed in Junior English
    • Required for CP
  • Presentation with technology
    • Taught and assessed in History 11
    • Required for CP
  • Electronic acknowledgement and submission for 20 service hours that may be divided up to three organizations.
    • Required for CP
    • Acknowledgement and submission should be completed by the end of the junior year.
    • Four necessary components
      • Will benefit someone other than student, their immediate family or a 'for profit' business.
      • Must be done outside regular school day.
      • No payment received for services provided.
      • Take photos showing proof of service.

Senior Year

  • Service hours completed on student's own time
    • Required for CP
  • Completed community service parent consent form.
  • Reflection Paper on student's own time
    • Required for CP
    • Written after service hours are completed.
  • Presentation to Panel (service, high school career and future plans)
    • Required for CP
    • Panel minimum of approximately three judges.
    • Seven to forteen minutes in length.
    • Electronic piece (technology).
    • Professional attire. (Dressing for an interview)

Other Information

  • Transfer students will be required to complete components from the point of entry.
  • Required mastery at each level before moving to next.