Question: Do students have to complete all of the components, including the Culminating Presentation, to pass the CP requirement?
Answer: Yes. The individual components must all be completed to standard and in sequential order.
Question: What are the standards?
Answer: Rubrics have been developed for various components. These are contained in the Culminating Project Google Classroom. Rubrics may also be accessed by going to Culminating Project Information.
Question: How will the school keep track of what we have finished on the CP? 
Answer: It will be on the Skyward website under Educational Milestones. This will allow staff to record the progress of all students.
Question: How does this affect students moving here from another school district or state?
Answer: Students who transfer here will be required to complete the CP, but they will start it at the point they enter the school. For example, if a student enters as a junior they will be exempt from completing the freshman and sophomore requirements.
Question: I am a Running Start or TEAM student. Do I still have to do a CP?
Answer: If you are earning a WHS diploma you are required to do most of the CP. If you are taking an equivalent History at a college your junior year, or at TEAM, you are exempt from the 11th presentation.
Question: What are the rules and regulations for service hours:
Answer: See the acknowledgement form
Question: What can I do for my service hours?
Answer: Suggestions can be found
Question: Who is the best person to ask for help on my Culminating Project?
Answer: Mrs. Sturdivan in the WHS Career Center is available to help. Students are expected to check their student email and Culminating Project Google Classroom regularly for information and communication.
Question: I am transferring to Woodland High School for 2nd semester of my senior year and I plan to graduate with the current senior class. What are my requirements for the Culminating Project?
Answer: At a minimum, you will be required to complete all senior year components of the Culminating Project which include service hours, resume personal statement, cover letter, two letters of recommendation, and mock interview.
Question: Is the CP pass/fail or does it have a letter grade?
Answer: The CP is pass/fail. Many of the components are also linked to the core curriculum, so those portions will also have a letter grade.