About the School

Woodland Middle School is WSD's strong core, consistently finding positive ways to cultivate academic and behavioral growth in the entire learning community.

Our Learning Programs

Woodland Middle School serves more than 700 students, in grades 5-8. All teachers at Woodland Middle School have structured their curriculum and programs toward continually improving the level of achievement in our students.

We run a seven period a day schedule, with electives being offered in semester increments. Additionally, each student is part of a homeroom community that meets every Friday for 30 minutes. In our core curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on literacy & problem-solving skills as students prepare for state assessments given during the spring.

We are proud of the elective program we are able to offer students, especially our fine arts program which has expanded over the last 2 years. Other high interest classes to select from include Leadership, Robotics and Music.

Our Students

We have a wide range of extra-curricular offerings for our students. Our program is strong. Our sports teams are typically in position to compete for the league championship. We encourage students to participate in these activities as their schedules permit. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students both in and out of school.

Additionally we have Knowledge Bowl.