TEAM COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Stay at Home" Order?

On Monday, March 23, Governor Jay Inslee issued Proclamation 20-25 - Stay Home - Stay Healthy.

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, all people in Washington State are prohibited from leaving their home or place of residence except when:

  • Obtaining necessary supplies and services such as going to the grocery store or taking family members or pets to medical services.
  • Engaging in outdoor exercise activities such as walking, hiking, running, biking, walking dogs, or biking, but only if appropriate social distancing practices are used.
  • Employed in essential business services as identified in the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers list.

What school areas are open to the public?

We want to make sure everyone has a place outside to get exercise, but, at the same time, we need to ensure the health and safety of our community as well as protect equipment that could be costly to repair or replace.

For example, let's look at Woodland High School: anything inside a fence will remain closed which includes the football field and track, baseball fields, and similar areas. However, the bark trail, shot put area, and javelin area on the grassy area by our church neighbors are open.

Basically, anywhere with grass and outside of fenced areas will be open on our schools' campuses. We want you to be able to get outside, get fresh air, and get exercise.

Unfortunately, any grounds with expensive surfaces (the artificial turf and track at the high school, for example) or playgrounds and stadiums (surfaces can become easily infected and spread COVID-19) must remain closed for public safety.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you can find some time to get out and enjoy the fresh air (while following social distancing guidelines, of course).

Why are some school grounds closed to the public?

The district has closed areas of our schools' grounds to protect the public and help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

study from the New England Journal of Medicine released on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 indicates that the COVID-19 virus lives on surfaces for days, not hours. In light of this new information, Woodland Public Schools was advised to shut down all public access to school grounds with playground or other equipment as there is no practical way to ensure the surfaces are properly disinfected after each and every use.

Clark County officials are implementing similar protections at parks and trails throughout the county. Read this article for more details about how Clark County is helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in this unprecedented fight to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the vulnerable populations in our community.

Academic Plan Overview and FAQ

What can I expect each week?

  • Students are still able to sign in to Apex and work on their quizzes. Students are expected to complete at least 10 quizzes per week. All tests and exams are currently excused so as not to prevent student progress.
  • For students on IEPs: Our Special Education team is working on a plan for students with IEPs, to ensure all accommodations are being met. Right now, students are able to take their time on each quiz; use open notes; call, text, or email teachers for personalized assistance on questions or concepts; and take breaks as needed. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to reach out with any questions.
  • Please remember that the safety and well-being of your family comes first over academics, but hopefully we can create a great learning environment together.

What if my family does not have technology?

  • Please contact one of your teachers and we will work to accommodate your needs by putting in a help desk ticket with our technology office. Unfortunately, due to the seriousness of this pandemic, this may take some time to facilitate and supplies are limited. Please note that if another child in your home has a Chromebook, we may not be able to accommodate additional Chromebooks over a 2-1 ratio. However, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Please note- While Woodland Public Schools does not have the resources to provide internet access to all families who do not have it at home, we are working to provide WiFi access in many of our school parking lots where families could utilize it from inside their cars. Please note these WiFi locations and remember that they will only work on district sponsored Chromebooks/devices:
    • Woodland High School: Exterior access point at the side entrance in the south wing facing the car park
    • Middle School: Exterior AP at the District Office entrance pointing towards the cafeteria car park (where the buses line up)
    • TEAM High School: Outside the portable.
    • CES: Outside the portables.
    • Yale: Outside the front of the building


  • Our primary communication tools are phone calls and emails.
  • Teachers will make weekly check-ins with their students. Feel free to ask for help and reach out to any of our staff if you need support or have a question about an assignment.
  • Students should be checking their school email at least once-per-week.


  • If you have failed a quiz too many times and need a reset, you can fill out the study guide and text/email it to your teachers. If you do not have a printer, you can type up the questions in Google Docs or hand-write the questions and answers.

Grading and Assignments

  • Students should be working on Apex daily. It is the student’s responsibility to complete work. Students unable to complete an assignment or needing additional support should reach out to their teachers.
  • Make sure students are checking in with their Case Manager at least once-per-week (Jillian is the Case Manager for all 9th - 11th graders, and Liz is the Case Manager for all 12th graders). You may do this by emailing or texting about progress. We need to know that you’re still around, logging in, and working on your classes.
  • Students have the flexibility to complete lessons throughout the day and/or when it is convenient for them and their families.
  • We are working with OSPI and Washington State to figure out what is feasible for students as far as taking tests and exams.
  • For now, all tests and exams are excused so that students can complete all quizzes in their courses.
  • Here is the link to all resources for students (readings, quiz-by-quiz study packets, etc): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qR5e1bqNBfdw6nLW2ica2zM9HVfXwhvI?usp=sharing

Taking Tests and Final Exams

  • We are working with OSPI and Washington State to figure out what is feasible for students as far as taking tests and exams.
  • For now, all tests and exams are excused so that students can complete all quizzes in their courses.

Graduation and Culminating Project

  • Right now, we do not have a clear plan for what Graduation will look like. However, we are working with OSPI and Washington State to figure out what is feasible for Graduation.
  • TEAM High graduates will only need to complete the Senior Project Service hours and essay. Essays will be judged by TEAM staff. If you have already sent your essay to Mrs. Sturdivan, go ahead and share it with Liz and Jillian, even if it was returned to you and “did not meet standard.” If your essay has already met standard according to Mrs. Sturdivan, you are finished with your Culminating Project!
    • This ONLY applies to seniors who will be finished with all required coursework by June 2020. If you do not finish your coursework by then, you will need to complete the entire project next school year.
  • All graduates will still need to complete the High School and Beyond Plan. Liz is currently working on a tutorial to share with students and will be sending that out within the next few weeks, so keep your eye on your email!

Tips for remote learning

  • Create a dedicated workspace.
  • Focus on one subject at a time.
  • Establish a Daily/Weekly schedule
  • Do some “fun” activities and take some stretch breaks.
  • This upheaval is tough on students so make sure to celebrate progress. Feed the positive.
  • Reach out with questions but remember that perfection is not necessary.

Who can I contact for help

  • Academic Concerns: Please contact your teachers or any TEAM staff member
    • Email is the best.
    • Call the classroom teacher’s district phone number/extension and leave a message as they are checking those at home or email the classroom teacher
    • Check-in (electronically) with teachers
  • Hardships (food or housing): Please contact FCRC coordinator - Gabby Meador
    • Click HERE to be taken to her contact information
  • Technology: If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to one of your TEAM teachers
  • Social/Emotional Concerns: If you are in need of support for social or emotional issues, TEAM is partnered with local clinical social worker Stacie Crochet. You can find her information here: https://www.staciecrochet.com/ Be sure to tell her that you are a TEAM High School student!

TEAM Staff Contact Information

Here is our contact information:

Jillian: Certificated English / Social Studies / Humanities teacher

  • domingoj@woodlandschools.org
  • 360-841-2743 for calls.
  • 360-209-2976 for texts.
  • Contact her for Humanities courses help, or for information pertaining to 9th - 11th graders.

Liz: Certificated Math / Science / P.E. teacher

  • vallaire@woodlandschools.org
  • 360-841-2744 for calls.
  • 360-209-2744 for texts.
  • Contact her for help with Math / Science / P.E. or for information pertaining to 12th graders.

Mary: Program Specialist