LRA Expected Learning

Dear Families--

We’re so grateful that LRA is already set up for distance learning. Even though school buildings remain closed, learning continues.

This morning, we met as a staff to implement state and district expectations for completing the school year:

  • Our priority for each family is safety and health: emotionally and physically.
  • As much as possible, each student should make progress in their grade level goals. With missed days and interruptions, the minimum goal is 75% total progress. --A better goal is 100%.
  • For PE, you may choose between continuing to fill in your PE logs as before, OR submitting a plan showing how you will continue to stay active during our shelter in place mandate. Your plan should include both indoor and outdoor activities and a variety of types such as cardio, strength and flexibility.
  • We will contact each family to clarify plans for work, weekly contact, and needs for support. We want you to be successful, even if our circumstances are different!
  • The last day to complete coursework is June 12, with the final day of school now June 19.
  • When help is needed, we can meet with students digitally for virtual tutoring via Google Meet--no special apps or software required.
  • Our next progress report will be at the end of April, targeting at least 5-10% progress for March and April

With so many other changes in our daily lives, we’re glad that LRA families can enjoy some continuity in at-home learning. Again, we want your families to be safe, healthy, and successful! We are still here for you.


Your teachers, Teri Retter & Annika Dukes