IT Services

Information Technology Services is responsible for the planning, implementation and support of Information Technology for schools and administrative offices in the District.

Our Vision

Technology offers students an avenue to succeed as citizens in a global society in which information is not only growing at an incredible rate, but is being integrated into our daily lives like no time before. With access to and proficiency in the use of these tools, and with the guidance of skilled educators and community members, all students have the opportunity to become actively engaged and take responsible roles in their learning as they think, create, conduct inquiries, solve problems and communicate in individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary settings.

Our Mission

Technology Services provides the technological solutions to support our faculty, staff, students and parents in their goal to guide students through their academic experience. We will accomplish this by providing business solutions and school focused services such as curriculum and technology integration, planning, consulting to the schools, professional development and technical support.

Our Thanks

We have made much use of free and opensource software within our district and wish to thank and acknowledge the generosity of the following (this isn't an exhaustive list, just the most prominent).

google for education microsoft imagine academy lucidchart ubuntu
debian firefox libreoffice lucidpress