WPS Report

Mark Houk, Principal

May 5, 2010
Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    
RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

The past couple of weeks have highlighted areas of concern regarding bullying/harassment and hate language in our school system.  Our school has taken the lead of WIS and our school board in openly beginning examination of our practices and procedures regarding how safe students are and feel they are at our schools.

This week, WPS staff provided feedback on their perception of school climate and culture issues via an anonymous on-line survey.  We will report and use data from this tool to focus on areas that may be highlighted.  Staff is highlighting through class discussion those very lessons we have taught regarding how we treat and respond to each other (both students and adults) in the school setting.
Also, Jan Kennell from the ESD will be spending May 12th on our campus conducting a day of school wide observation with the intent of identifying "gaps" we may have in our system of supports for students.

As our schoolboard so clearly, directly, and positively stated - where there are areas we need to dedicate focus, we will do so with the goal of turning these into strengths of our school!