WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School
Woodland School Board Monthly Update
April 2010

Throughout the month of April professional development opportunities for staff were focused in three specific areas.  They included MSP preparation, curriculum alignment with science GLE's, and grade level collaboration with a mathematics focus.

Our BLT has spent several hours developing our MSP testing schedule.  Over the course of four days WIS will administer 1,309 MSP tests.  Because this is such a tremendous task we are excited to get it underway.  All 34 of our certificated and classified staff members have responsibilities associated with MSP testing. 

A scheduling committee, facilitated by Veronica Heller, has started the process of examining our daily schedules.  Their objective is to identify areas if within our schedule that we can strengthen as well as to identify time within our day where we can implement a building wide intervention time. 

On Saturday, May 1st sixteen 5th and 6th grade Hi C students participated in the 40th Annual Science & Engineering Contest in Olympia.  The students competed in bridge building, straw tower building and mousetrap car races against other students in the state of Washington.  Eight of the students received medals in the following categories:

Bridge Building-Grades 3-5-2nd place=Skylar Gildersleeve, 3rd place=Kate Seaman

Bridge Building-Grades 6-8-1st place=Austin Hoseney, 3rd place=Jaret Hanson

Straw Tower Building-Grades 3-5=1st place=Andrew Hanson, 2nd place Tyler Goss

Straw Tower Building-Grades 6-8-1st place=Jaret Hanson

Mouse Trap Car Race-Grades 3-5-3rd place=Sailor Jenkins

Students spend nearly 2 months preparing for the completion.  Congratulations to a job well done!!