Washington State Race to the Top Application Process Briefing

AARA is funding a competetive grant program for states called Race To the Top (RTTT).   The State of Washington is preparing an application for this program that will bring about $250 million to the state.  The state is asking school districts to consider signing an agreement to participate in this program.   The purpose of the briefing will to educate the board on RTTT and discuss the level of interest in committing to participate in the program.   Attached to this item are three documents provided by the state on RTTT that you may wish to reiew prior to the meeting.  You will be refered to the Webinar PPT Handout and the Partnership Agreement during our discussion.
Attached Files:
RTTTBackgroundInfo.doc 484 application/msword
RTTT-MOUPartnershipAgreement.pdf 1 application/octect-stream
RTTTWebinarPPTHandout.pdf 627 application/octect-stream