Meet the Principal

Dear Students and Families of the Woodland Intermediate Community,

Welcome to Woodland Intermediate School! At our school we are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and that students reach deep levels of profound learning through relevant, engaging learning experiences. Our staff of extraordinary teachers, paraprofessionals, kitchen and custodial family, and office personnel arrive each day prepared to give their best to our students, families and school.

I am honored be part of this Woodland community! I firmly believe all of us are on a journey of continual learning and must keep ourselves open to the academic and life lessons that are regularly presented for each of us. Additionally, I am firmly committed to my mission as an educator of helping each person reach deeply towards their own personal best. I approach each school year with refreshed energy and commitment to serve the children of our community and to lead for important and meaningful learning.

With experience as a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle and high school levels, I feel extremely fortunate to have witnessed the transitions students make in their school journey. I have raised three children of very different needs and so fully understand, from a parent perspective, the developmental path of our children. The depth and range of these experiences are gifts that have broadened my own understanding of how we must customize and balance learning in order for our children to become caring, productive, self-sufficient citizens.

Woodland Intermediate School is one of four schools in the exemplary Woodland Public Schools system. Woodland Intermediate not only believes in our vision, mission, and core values. We live them. Our faculty believes that each child can learn at high levels and develop a strong love of learning. Working in partnership with our parents, we continually strive to maximize student achievement. Our teachers, with their frequent and targeted opportunities for collaboration, are models of a true professional learning community which impacts student learning.

Our Common Core curriculum ensures that our students have a rich, impactful learning experience designed to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and build analytical skills. Woodland Intermediate is also forward thinking in technology with our implementation of Chromebooks, Google technologies, and Smartboards. The use of technology enables students to learn in a multitude of ways, which impacts student learning by using differentiated and varied instructional strategies.

At Woodland Intermediate, our school motto is as follows:
“We Are Woodland!.” Which translates into we are safe, respectful, responsible, and problem solvers. As you walk through our school, reflect on your child’s observations of the school day, or speak with school staff, you will find our commitment to this motto rings true. We are each proud to be part of Woodland Intermediate, Woodland Public Schools, and the wonderful community of Woodland from which we draw our customers – you and your children.

It is evident that Woodland Public School District has a deep love and commitment for children, families, and engaged, meaningful learning. We know that ensuring students receive a quality education in a caring environment with engaging work is a team effort, and we are grateful to have such supportive and involved parents standing behind the children we serve. As partners, please know that you are a critical part of our school community.

With the dedication of our outstanding faculty and staff and the support and partnership of our parents, volunteers, and community partners, all things are possible.

I realize that the Woodland community is an incredible place and I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve you as your principal. I look forward to working with each of you and partnering with you to ensure your child’s elementary school experience is a success.

Go Eagles!

Steven Carney
Woodland Intermediate School