WMS Report

Date:  4/6/10
To:     Michael Green, Superintendent
From: Cari Thomson
RE:    WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - March

March was a quick month at Woodland Middle School. 

Professional development on Mondays included Navigation 101 training, department collaboration time and forecasting for both WMS students as well as future WHS students. 

Kelly Sloniker, LaJune Thorson, and I presented in early March at the Navigation 101 conference.  The presentation focused on transitions from middle school to high school.  Our Envictus consultant, observed Navigation lessons at Woodland Middle School in early winter and was impressed that the staff was well versed (and communicating to students) in four-year planning and scheduling the high school.  We received positive feedback on the presentation. 

Woodland Middle School also hosted conferences in March.  These focused on scheduling for 9th grade students as well as incoming 8th grade students.  The turn-out rate was the highest we have seen for spring conferences.  Several people showed up a half hour early.  The conferences were tied into Navigation 101 and forecasting and were facilitated by the student's homeroom teacher (who facilitated their SLC in the fall).  After meeting with their advisor, students were sent to the computer lab to enter their choices into the computer.  The rest of the week was allotted for traditional conferences that parents or teachers scheduled.

Now that all the forecasting forms are in and spring break is over, we will begin the task of putting together a master schedule.