WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School
Woodland School Board Monthly Update
March 2010

Throughout the month of March Monday morning professional development opportunities for staff focused on reading and MSP preparation. 

Staff members have been collaborating in grade level teams to analyze practice MSP assessments, identify trends or areas of standard in which students are struggling, and create plans as to how they are going to address the trends that were identified and get students to standard.

March begins a busy and somewhat stressful stretch for WIS staff members.  We are concluding the third quarter, facilitating parent conferences, and preparing to administer the MSP assessments in May.  As of today staff members are beginning to prepare for 444 WIS students to take 1,307 MSP assessments.    

We are looking forward to an assembly that will be taking place during the month of April.  It is a free assembly that is sponsored by the Portland Beavers Baseball Association.  Their play by play announcer and Beaver mascot will be facilitating an assembly that focuses on the importance of sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and being an optimistic member of our learning community.  Communicating and consistently reinforcing expectations and the importance the life skills listed above is essential.

Students and staff participated in a Spirit Day on March 19th.  The theme was Clash Day.  The highlight of the day included a spirit assembly that took place during the last 30 minutes of the school day.  The assembly included publicly recognizing Student of the Month award winners and class competitions.  Sitting in the bleachers has been a treat for students who attend assemblies.  As a positive reinforcement incentive that is linked to participation and behavior students are able to earn their way into the bleachers during assemblies.  This incentive was implemented during the month of March and has been well received and effective.