Maintenance Report

Date: April 20, 2010
To: Michael Green
From: Bill Hanson
Re: Maintenance Report

Captain Kevin Saari, Woodland Fire Department,  Keith Merritt from Safe Schools Coalition, Tegan Steen and I have been walking through the schools so that everyone in the Fire Department knows where everything is and where all the exits are. I am also working with Tegan and Don Swett, from Lewis River Design, on getting floor plans ready that will show all the shut-offs and anything important that can help the Fire and Police in an emergency.

I have been working with Cowlitz PUD and Scott Brown, from Energy Wise on putting in new energy saving lights in all the schools and getting all the rebates we can. Attached is a list of energy savings and rebates from the lighting project for each building area.

The custodians finished up their spring break waxing and cleaning. The buildings look great for this time of year.

Dennis, on grounds, (and any and all help I can get him), has been working with the coaches to keep the fields and track in top condition, so everyone who comes here will leave remembering how great it looked.

The DNR has been using the track for their work capacity testing. It's been a pleasure opening everything up for their boss, Tom North, and his crew.

Attached Files:
lighting project savings.pdf 355 application/pdf