School Board Goal No. 3

To: Michael Green
From: Craig Downs
Re: School Board Goal #3

Mr. Green,

The school board established as one of its goals to provide students with exposure to twenty-first century career options and work skills. To that end I would like to share with you several opportunities we are providing for our students. We are partnering with other agencies on several projects.

  • Opportunity Internship Program:

We are working with the SW Washington Workforce Development Council to identify and support some of our students through the Opportunity Internship Program. The program is need based. We are currently working with the SWWDC to identity students that are juniors this year for participation next year. They receive a $500 stipend for the internship and qualify for a scholarship upon successful completion of the internship experience. I have attached a program overview as well as a Memorandum of Understanding that needs to be signed for district approval.

  • SEMI High Tech U

We will be participating in a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunity.  SWWDC will be partnering with the SEMI Foundation Lower Columbia College, and local sponsors Weyerhaeuser and Norpac to bring SEMI High Tech U to Cowlitz County in early May.  
SEMI High Tech U is a three-day, industry-driven math- and science-based career exploration program produced and presented by the non-profit SEMI Foundation in conjunction with our local sponsors.  The program will provide 35-40 sophomores and juniors, focused on the B and C students, with an opportunity learn more directly from practitioners about how math and science are used in the high tech world.   
The high school will be putting out applications for selected students that meet the criteria for participation. I have included in this packet a recruitment brochure that provides an overview of the program as well as the agendas for day 1 through day 3.

  • Career Fair at LCC

This year we will be sending all of our sophomores to LCC on March 26th for a career fair activity. The students will be asked to self select areas they are interested prior to the event. They will be attending sessions that they have selected. The job fair is in the morning and all students will be back to Woodland in time for early release dismissal. I have attached a sample of the interest form.

  • Parent and Student High School and Beyond guides:

Beyond High School Guides - Last year our Cowlitz County Consortium sent our a great resource to all our 8th through 11th graders. This year we are sending the guide to all 8th graders in the district. The is a great resource on opportunities for students post high school and how to prepare thems3elves while they are in school. It's also great source of information for parents as they help their student with choices. I'll try to get some copies for the board meeting Monday.

  • Presentation from SWWMC:

Fifty WHS students recently attended a presentation by Doug Williams from SWW Medical Center about potential jobs in the medical field. Below is the memo from Heidi.


I just wanted to give you a heads up.  We had Doug Williams from SWWMC in today to do a presentation on medical careers.  He spent about an hour talking about a variety of jobs and the potential for growth and also whether or not they are competitive in our area or not. 

Doug was very impressed with our kids.  We had 50 kids who attended.  Apparently this was more than Union HS had attend a similar presentation at that school.  Not only were our kids articulate and polite to him, they also were interested in a wide variety of careers outside of the ‘norm' of nursing and doctors.  I feel this is because of the career research that all of our juniors do.  I was very proud of our kids.


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