TEAM High Report

To: Michael Green
From: Dan Uhlenkott
RE: TEAM High School January Update
Date: February 3, 2010

TEAM High School recently has suspended several students for the lack of academic performance. Some of those students have returned to Woodland High School, some have enrolled in other schools and several have dropped out of school (unfortunately). The staff at TEAM works with every student to help them achieve the goal of a high school diploma. We give numerous opportunities for students to remain enrolled (phone calls, parental involvement, personal conferences, additional chances, contracts, parent conferences, adjusting times, help with drug rehab or places to reside, representative for the student in court, food and clothing supplies, hygiene education, infant care, etc.) Our curriculum is only a part of Team High School success. Counseling also plays a vital role.

On the flip side our enrollment is still at 90. Our latest success story is a ninth grade foster child who has attended 4 different high schools this year. Darrin enrolled at TEAM in the middle of December and then enrolled at Woodland High School for the second semester. Prior to coming to Woodland, he had several disciplinary issues. While Darrin was enrolled at TEAM he earned 6 credits (he was required to earn 1 during that time). Spending lots of time at TEAM and at home, with parental support, he was able to achieve success at a rate faster than most. While talking with Darren it was evident that he had never experienced that kind of academic success before. He is a great kid that just needed a guiding hand. TEAM High School staff welcomed him and helped him adjust to a new environment. Sometimes all children need is someone who cares.