WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Woodland School Board - Monthly Update

January 2010

Throughout the month of January Monday morning professional development opportunities for staff have focused on reading instruction and science standards alignment.  On January 25th (semester break day) staff members focused their efforts on MSP training and grade level collaboration/planning. 

Woodland Burgerville has been very supportive of WIS and our students throughout the year.  Burgerville recently donated approximately 275 ice cream sundaes and two Burgerville employees for our Book Exchange.  Burgerville will be continuing to support great student effort and achievement in the form of a "Burgerville Award" that will be presented to one student from each homeroom class on a monthly basis.  This award will be presented, in addition, to our Student of the Month awards.  Recipients of the "Burgerville Award" will receive a certificate of achievement, a coupon for a free cheeseburger basket, and will be publicly recognized for their achievement during our monthly Spirit Day assembly.  We will also be constructing a bulletin board within the restaurant.  It will display the names of the students who have been presented with the award as well as a variety of student art work.  Burgerville recognizes how important it is to recognize and acknowledge the positive choices and hard work that our students demonstrate.  Just as we work to consistently hold students accountable and redirect negative behaviors, we must also work to acknowledge our students and hold them accountable for positive behaviors.   

Students and staff participated in a Spirit Day on January 29th.  The theme was Pajama Day.  The highlight of the day included a spirit assembly that took place during the last 30 minutes of the school day.  The assembly included publicly recognizing Student of the Month award winners and a series of class competitions.  The majority of students, and many staff members, participated in the Spirit Day activity.  Spirit Days continue to be incredibly popular among our students.