Yale Report


Mark Houk, Principal

 February Update

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    

On Monday, February 1st, the Yale Staff gathered in collaboration with other district staff to review mid-year student data taken during January.  This "C.A.S.T." process served to  highlight progress made, and adjustments needed both in individual classrooms, and schoolwide.  Data showed several areas of "marked improvement" throughout the school.

Data also affirmed that our Yale Team is focused, has most of a "Plan" in place which focuses on the "right things" for improving student learning, and is working collaboratively toward doing "Whatever it Takes" for the students at the Yale School!

The student learning profile at Yale is currently very challenging (meaning we have a ways to go to be on par with what is acceptable), however it is important to note that significant progress has been made by many students this first part of the schoolyear. 

Looking Forward

 Several "adjustments" have been identified that our Yale Team will be starting to implement even this very week!  Study Island, and Read Naturally(two intervention curriculums) are going to be introduced to students we know will benefit from one or each.