WMS Report

Date:              1/29/10
To:                  Michael Green, Superintendent
From:             Cari Thomson
RE:                   WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - January    

Happy New Year from Woodland Middle School!

Professional development for staff on Mondays during the month of January has focused on Navigations 101.  Students have been exploring career pathways by taking interest surveys and looking at colleges on-line.  Staff has become more knowledgeable about high school forecasting and four-year planning and is working with students to assist them in future planning. 

January 25 was WMS' district directed professional development day.  WIS and WMS staff met together to debrief from a recent MSP conference that several attended.  6th grade teachers stayed for most of the day, collaborating with the math department on creating an end of year assessment for students and working on scheduling and the transition from WIS to WMS.

Students at Woodland Middle School recently donned their hats during the day.  The cost was $1.00 per hat and all proceeds went to the Childrens' Cancer Society.  Students and staff raised over $200.00.  Simultaneously, we did a fundraiser for victims in Haiti and students paid $1.00 to use their IPods during lunch.  This also raised over $200.00. 

A new semester is underway at Woodland Middle School.