WHS Report

To:      Michael Green
From: John Shoup
CC:      School Board members
Date:  11/3/2009
Re:      October Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Monday's: We had four Monday's this month for staff development activities.  We spent two in department collaboration and the other two were connected to our Navigation grant and opportunity time interventions.  I continue to enjoy the ability to work with staff on these Monday's for positive interaction around student learning. We also used October 5th for support with some much needed support on Navigations, the new copy machine, our school improvement plan and building department commons assessments.

Other information:  Fall conferences were very well attended this year. This was by far the best attendance we have had in the 12 years I have been the principal. I attribute this to our work with Navigation advisory groups and our opportunity time. We were busy right up until 8:00 p.m.  Speaking of navigation 101, the navigation 101 leadership team is doing a nice job of planning and organizing our lessons.  We now have had all of our seniors using their online lessons.   Also, homecoming went well and did not disrupt teaching and learning too much that week.  We had 95 students take the PSAT this month which was about the same number as last year.  Mrs. Thorson has been doing a great job of having colleges and post secondary programs come to the school to present to interested students.  The counselors also have had a college preview night and Woodland Academic scholars meeting for parents.  Also, our first edition of the new school newspaper came out this month with both middle school and high school students working together under the leadership of Joan Swett.  I hope you had an opportunity to see an edition as it was very impressive.

All is all it was a good productive month at Woodland High School.