Impact Fee Deferral Proposal

Woodland City Planner, Kei Zushi contacted me on October 14 with the following message:

In response to the City Council's interest in stimulating development activity in Woodland, staff are going to propose the "Impact Fee Deferral Program."
What this program does is to allow deferred payments of impact fees including school impact fees for all types of developments.
Currently, impact fees are collected at the time of issuance of building permits.
The proposed program, once adopted, will allow payment of impact fees at the time of issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.
I believe these deferred payments would not only financially help developers, but also send positive message to the development community.
To use the program, the property owner will have to record a lien against the property for the amount of all applicable impact fees and sign the agreement. (See the attached draft agreement.) This would help ensure the impact fees are paid to the City given the property owner would not be able to sell their properties until the impact fees are paid to the City. The City of La Center has been implementing a similar program, and they are not expecting this is to be a significant issue.
Before we present this new program to the City Council, we wanted to get your input on this.
Please let me know what you think about this proposed program.


 I proposed Kei that this be discussed by the board.   Please see that attached documents from Kei.

Attached Files:
Impact Fee Agreement_092009.pdf 1 application/octect-stream
Proposed Changes.pdf 70 application/octect-stream