Mobile Telephones and other electronic devices are, at the least, a distraction to a positive learning environment.  Currently the WMS and WHS have practices that restrict the use of these devices during the school day.   It is beneficial, for communication to our public and our students for the board to adopt policy which will govern our expectations regarding the appropriat use of Personally owned electronic devices.   Please consider for first reading a new policy 3225 which reads (also attached as PDF)


Policy No. 3225


Preserving a beneficial learning environment and assuring the safety and well-being of all students are primary concerns of the Board of Directors.  To this end inappropriate use of personally owned telecommunication and electronic devices shall be prohibited.

Inappropriate use of personally owned telecommunication and electronic devices includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.    Using the device other than before and after the regular school day, or at non-instructional times determined at the building level, unless an emergency situation exists that involves imminent physical danger to person or property or a school administrator or staff member expressly authorizes using the device for educational purposes;

2.    Using the device in classrooms, locker rooms, restrooms, or other non-public areas of the building unless expressly authorized by a school administrator or staff member;

3.    Taking or producing photographs or recordings without the knowledge of the person or persons being photographed or recorded and without express authorization of a staff member;

4.    Using the device to interfere with the educational environment or to annoy or offend others;

5.    Using the device to commit (or conspire to commit) or aid or abet an act of harassment, intimidation or bullying regardless of where initiated (i.e. at a residence, public place, or on school property) and when initiated (i.e. during school hours or outside school hours) provided such use causes substantial disruption to the educational process;

6.    Using the device during any type of assessment unless expressly authorized by a certificated staff member;

7.    Using the device in a way that violates other Board Policy, including but not limited to Policy 2022.

The term "telecommunication and electronic devices" shall refer to but not be limited to devices which transmit a signal, receive a signal, create a sound or display visual media, capture photography digitally or conventionally, or capture sound digitally or conventionally and which include, but are not limited to computers, telephones (wired, cellular, wifi), fax machines, pagers, text messaging devices, digital cameras, video cameras, film cameras, PDAs, portable gaming systems, or portable music players.

Students who engage in inappropriate use of personally owned telecommunication and electronic devices may be referred to law enforcement and shall be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to losing the privilege to bring the device onto school property, confiscation of the device (which shall only be returned to the student's parent or guardian), and/or discipline/suspension/expulsion.  The principal, his/her designee, and the classroom instructor will prohibit or limit the use of or confiscate electronic devices if used contrary to this Policy.

Students are responsible for the safety and security of their personally owned telecommunication and electronic devices.  The District assumes no responsibility in any circumstance for the loss/destruction/damage or theft of portable communication and other electronic devices.

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