Policy 4260 (Major Change)

This Policy, dealing with facility use,  was presented and discussed at the September 14th meeting.  Additional revision has been made based upon the input received from the board. 

Members of the board, at the September 14th board meeting expressed concern over elements of the policy and its procedure;  particularly costs to users associated with insurance and "Turn Key"  In an effort to help the board understand the liability concerns assoicated with community use, (particurlarly without a certificate of insurance)

 I have spoken at length with our insurance pool prepresentative, Derrick Bryan regarding this issue.  The bottom line is that we have a great deal of lattitude in requiring insurance from users.  The risks to us in not doing so is that, if their are claims, our rates will increase.  The proceedure, as it currently exists (the draft changes retain current language) the district may require a COA but it is at the districts discretion.  One option is to have participants in facilities use, such as adult rec. leagues, each sign a hold-harmless.

  I have included for your review, an article from a insurance pool publication dealing with Open Gyms.  

 If the changes to this policy meet the boards expectation it is recommended that the board approve as presented.

Attached Files:
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facility use fee schedule-Revised draft 09-09-09.pdf 17 application/octect-stream
Open Gym RMM Art.pdf 19 application/octect-stream
Policy 4260 090915.pdf 124 application/octect-stream