WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Opening of School Update

September 1-11, 2009


As the doors opened on the first day of school students filled the halls with smiles and cheers.  Throughout the first two weeks students have continued to radiate enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism.  The positive attitudes and enthusiasm of our students is a direct reflection of the strength and talent of our staff, parents, and community.


Last year we spent a great deal of time reflecting upon how we serve students at Woodland Intermediate School, time management throughout the day and our teaching and learning practices.  As a result of our reflection we have created and implemented a daily schedule that provides an increased emphasis on all core (reading, math and writing) curricular areas. 


I believe that the benefits of this schedule will result in a profound and positive impact on teaching and learning within our school.  In addition to our grade level 90 minute Walk to Read block, a second uninterrupted 90 minute math block and a 60 minute writing block have also been developed and implemented into the schedule for each grade level.  Other advantages of this schedule will include:

o   Larger uninterrupted teaching blocks. 

o   More consistent teaching and learning schedules throughout the week.

o   Student schedules that are much more consistent from day to day.

o   An increased emphasis on the core (reading, math, and writing) curricular areas.

    • Having the option of team teaching.
    • Greater consistency throughout the week as to when specialist times will occur.
    • Prep times that are more aligned between team members, and an increased opportunity to collaborate.
    • An opportunity for our three specialists to help support academic instruction. 


Most importantly, students who receive additional interventions outside of their homeroom in the areas of reading, math and/or writing will not be pulled from their homeroom class to receive interventions while instruction is taking place in the core curricular areas (reading, math, and writing).  Students who receive interventions outside of their homeroom will instead be served during social studies, science, and in a few cases during their specialist time.  This was a monumental task, but we have made it a reality. 


One example of this includes students who receive interventions through Title 1 reading and/or math.  These students will receive the intervention services in addition to the daily 90 minute reading and math blocks.  This will equate to 135 minutes of daily reading and/or math instruction for Title 1 reading and/or math students.  


One example of a daily teaching and learning schedule may look like:

            8:10-8:15         Announcements                      (5 min.)

            8:15-9:45         Math                                        (90 min. block)

            9:45-11:15       Reading                                   (90 min. block)

            11:15-12:15     Writing                                    (60 min.)

            12:15-12:45     Lunch                                      (30 min.)

            12:45-1:00       Recess                                     (15 min.)

            1:00- 1:45        Specalist                                  (45 min.)

            1:45-2:30         Soc. Stud./Science                  (45 min.)

            2:30-2:35         Clean up/Dismiss                    (5 min.)


Upcoming events to be aware of:


September 17th Open House 6:30 - 7:30

November 19th 2nd Annual Reading Night and Book Exchange 6:30 - 7:30