WPS Report


Mark Houk, Principal

September 9, 2009

TO: Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM: Mark Houk


Woodland Primary greeted 584 students the first week of school. This includes a very healthy class of 136 Kindergarten students! Amidst the fact we have made bus adjustments, building master schedule and staffing adjustments - the first four days of school were among the smoothest we have seen in my tenure in Woodland.  I am very appreciative of how all staff have focused all effort to insuring each child has a positive start to the school year.

Traffic congestion continues to be a real challenge both before and after school daily. I mention this because typically this starts to thin out after the first few days of school. No sign of this occurring as of yet - and it is crowded. Again, we have great staff working to keep students safe, and traffic moving safely.

We have experienced one serious accident, when teacher Mary Gronseth tripped and fell in her room. This occurred in full view of her class, and was very shocking. The students handled it very well, even continuing on with their reading lesson taught by yours truly. And Ms. Gronseth had successful surgery and is in recovery mode.

Please try and find a chance to visit our cafeteria sometime soon. I think you will be impressed with the new tile and the wonderful mural painted on the East wall last Spring by student's from Mrs. Schlenz's 3rd grade classroom - with the addition of brand new tile in that area, the room has been transformed in a bright, cheery space!

Thanks to Mrs. Schlenz, her class, and our maintenance department for making this all come together!

P.S.......We continue to be proud of WASL scores at the Primary School - plenty of work to still do, but important to note the hard work and coordination that takes place all the way through school, capped off by the finishing drive of 3rd grade! Congratulations all!

Coming Up

Looks like we will be hosting some sort of Fall Open House Event coming up - most probably on Thursday, October 1st. In the recent past, we have settled into a routine of combining it with our Scholastic Book Sale, and themed it "Pies n' Books.


Cc: WPS Staff