Navigations 101 Orientation

To:  Mr. Green
From: Craig Downs
Re: Board Presentation of Navigations 101 Program

Mr. Green, at the September 14th board meeting LaJune Thorson, Kelly Sloniker, John Shoup and Cari Thomson and I will present the vital components of the Navigation 101 program that the high school and middle school will be implementing this year.

We received the planning grant last year and both schools did extensive work on curriculum and an implementation plan for this year. Last spring and summer we re-applied for the grant as well as an enhance grant. Both schools received the enhanced grant which amounts to $20,000 for both schools. Of the $20,000, $10,000 is automatically designated for a Change Management System called "Envictus".

During our presentation we will give an overview of the programs five key elements, the online program and information on how each school plans to implement.

Attached to this missive is a folder including documents for the board.

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