Technology Report

To: Michael Green

From: Steve Rippl

Date: February 20, 2018

RE: Tech Dept. Executive Summary

We’re in the calmest part of our year right now, things are running well, no big new initiatives, and we’re not in testing yet! So as we finish up our physical inventory that we’ve been taking we’re planning for the next round of hardware upgrades, most of which will happen over the summer but a few can be done earlier. For example, we’ll be putting up a few more wall mounted projectors in the middle school over Spring Break. And as we see what needs to be replaced and how soon, we can also look to further expansion of student devices as there are still plenty of teachers that would like more access to Chromecarts. I’ll be talking with Principals to see what the building’s priorities are in terms of Chromebook access.

Another upgrade on the horizon are the phones for Yale. They are still running a very old Toshiba PBX which has no remote management capabilities, and very few people out there that will maintain it. While it is still working we’ve run into instances where we’d like to alter configuration, or check on usage and simply not been able to, so we’re going to move them onto our District wide system as we did recently for KWRL. This will give us all the management feature we take advantage of down here, and allow for simple 4 digit dialing between Yale and the rest of the District. All that’s required are some new handsets and licenses, we’re confident the bandwidth is sufficient to allow the VOIP phones to function well.