CTE Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: February 22, 2018

Subject: CTE Report

Here is a glimpse into what’s happening in the CTE programs at WMS and WHS:

Joe Bosch’s WMS Horticulture Class just finished the first round of hydroponics. They have tomatoes and cucumbers growing for the food bank. Indoor Garden Supply is donating about $2000 worth of additional equipment and supplies.

In Wayne Miller’s classes, the auto maintenance class finished putting together the F150 and it starts, runs, and drives. They also fixed some electrical issues on the F150 (re-soldered the circuit board for the temperature and compass display, cleaned corrosion off of the contacts for the power mirrors, and replaced dash light bulbs). The welding classes have been practicing different types of welds.

Nalean Warndahl’s HOSA club had 11 students test to see if they can get to state in Spokane on March 15-17. They tested in CPR/First Aid, Medical Terminology, Nursing Assisting, Veterinary Sciences and Medical Reading. We won't find out until the 10th if they qualify. They just finished Body Systems in Med. Science and will be dissecting rats this week to see what our organs look like for real! The kids are excited.

Britt Jud’s CTE Alice and Robotics classes are building Robots and first worlds getting students used to the programming environments they will be using this semester. Students are eager to begin using the equipment solving engineering challenges. This is a fun time for the class since there is a built-in hook of having a Robot/ World they just built and having so many ideas of what they want to do with them. So many great questions they come up with.

Kim Miller’s SkillsUSA students are done with their regional competitions. Students did very well (results are at the bottom of the page). The invitations for State will be published soon (being on the State Board, I've had a sneak peak). 18 of the SkillsUSA students will be eligible to compete at State in Yakima on April 19-21.

Culinary students are busy preparing for caterings on February 23, March 1st and March 9th. The events range from a breakfast, hors-d'oeuvres, to a formal dessert.

Early Childhood Ed students are in hot demand for extracurricular events. They will be working at Woodland Middle School Pride Night, planning and directing activities with the younger children. They will also be working with Leslie Mohlman every Wednesday evening, April, 11th through May 16th during the Parenting classes. They will have children of various ages.


Photography                                                  Job Skill Demo.

Zoie Cochran - 8th                                          Daphne Mendoza - Silver Medal

Kennedy Huesties- 12th

Jazmine Erickson- 13

Magali Ramirez - 14th

Early Childhood Ed                                        T-Shirt Design

Camila Avelar - Gold Medal                           Leah Riley   8th                  

Zoie Cochran - Silver Medal                          Jade Holmes 9th

Marlene Lopez - Bronze Medal                     Magali 10th

Leah Riley - 4th

Lidia Valenzuela - 5th

Nansi Valenzuela - 6th

Culinary                                                         Quizbowl Team E - 5th place

Marlene Lopez - Bronze Medal                      Camila Avelar

Jade Nosler - 4th                                            Jazmine Erickson

Jazmine Erickson - 7th                                   Karla Hernandez

Daphne Mendoza - 9th                                   Brennan Hilker

                                                                        Rayleah Trice

Restaurant Service 

Katelyn Pearson - Gold Meda

Brooke Shimmel - Silver Medal                      First Aid/CPR

Brennan Hilker - Bronze medal                      Rayleah Trice - 6th

Jade Nosler - 4th

Austin Huntsinger 5th


American Sign Language                              Medical Terminology

Jazmine Erickson - 7th                                     Rayleah Trice 4th

Skyla Thorpe -9th                                            Jessie Strickland

Leah Riley - 10th


Customer Service                                         Pin Design

Brooke Shimmel - Bronze Medal                   Daphne Mendoza 7th

Brennan Hilker - 5th                                       Jade Holmes 11th

Daphne Mendoza - 6th                                   Magali Ramirez 15th

Jazmine Erickson - 7th

Jade Nosler - 8th

Jessie Strickland - 11th

Lidia Valenzuela - 12th

Madison Hart - 15th

Skyla Thorpe - 16th


Prepared Speech 

Skyla Thorpe - 6th

Nansi Valenzuela - 7th

Photography  - 8th Zoie Chochran, 12th Kennedy Huesties, 13th Jasmine Erickson and Magali Ramirez 14th


Early Childhood Ed Assistant

1st Camila Avelar, 2nd Zoie Cochran, 3rd Marlene Lopez, 4th - Leah   Riley, 5th Lidia Valenzuela, 6th Nansi Valenzuela


Restaurant Service

1st Katelyn Paulson, 2nd Brooke Schimmel, 3rd Brennen Hilker, 4th Jade Nosler, 5th Austin  Huntsinger

Mike Lindsay’s Intro to Computer Science second semester of Intro to Computer science is underway. Students are starting their unit project to animate a nursery rhyme.

Mary Ellen Vetter’s FFA Floral Team is in first place right now in the state. They are hopeful that they will continue to be successful and win the state title.

Rose Ruff’s FBLA members did well at regionals! The FBLA SW Regional Conference was hosted at Woodland High School for the 3rd year in a row. Here are Woodland's results:

Erin Madsen & Bethany Humbyrd - 4th place, Broadcast Journalism

Bethany Humbyrd - 1st place, Journalism

Bethany Humbyrd - 3rd place, Publication Design

Bethany Humbyrd - 1st Place, Graphic Design

Tyler Ford - 5th place, Broadcast Journalism

Tyler Ford - 2nd place, Introduction to Public Speaking

Aaron Shaw, Aidan Byrnes, Dillon McGhee - 3rd place, Entrepreneurship

Aaron Shaw, Aidan Byrnes - 4th place, Global Business

Olivia Erickson - 3rd place, Graphic Design

Olivia Erickson - 4th place, Business Communication

Megan Jones - 4th place. Impromptu Speaking

Kaleese Fuller - 6th place, Business Communication