Teaching and Learning Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: February 22, 2018

Re: Teaching and Learning

Math Adoption Update:

Below is an outline of the progress our committee made toward recommending a math adoption.

December 13th

  • Committee met to discuss all four (4) options and make recommendations. All resources were reviewed in the discussion, and a vote was taken to determine which resources will proceed in the process and which resources will be tabled.

January 29th

  • MS committee members met to discuss CPM vs. SMC at the middle school level. There was some strong support for both resources from various members of the committee.  The conversation took into account current student performance and which resource would best fit our current needs. The vote was 5-2 in favor of SMC.
  • HS committee members were all in agreement and recommended the CPM curriculum be moved forward in the process. They met to discuss a potential pilot of CPM materials in Algebra and Geometry.

February 7th

  • Parent Material Review - Asha met with the parent representatives and presented both resources. The parents liked both resources. They support the CPM resource for HS student use. The amount of text on the page felt a bit overwhelming, but they agreed that might be very helpful to HS students when working independently on problems if they miss school due to illness. They also felt the SMC resource appeared more student-friendly for grades 6-8. They really liked the CPM parent resources and asked us to look into SMC parent resources. After getting their feedback, I then presented with the committee's recommendations and the proposal to pilot. They agreed and supported both resources moving forward in the process.

Proposed Math Pilot:

It is our goal to pilot the curriculum in the next couple of months. Below are the five things that we talked about monitoring during the pilot process:

  1.  Parent Resources
  2.  Assessments
  3.  Homework
  4.  Electronic Resources
  5.  Lesson Length/Unit Structure and Timing

We plan to collect student and parent feedback through brief surveys and will also have copies of each resource in the district office for public access and parent review. Below are links to the curriculum information should anyone like to review them.

Middle School: SMC



High School CPM