In the November work session, we discussed communication.  One of the topics discussed was "Apptegy".  Apptegy is a company who produces and integrated communication system for schools that includes a very user-friendly mobile app and beautifully designed webpage. This system integrates a product called "Thrillshare" that allows us to quickly and easily post informational updates to the website, app, facebook, twitter, etc. and initiate "robocalls."   In our region, Ridgefield Schools is using Apptegy with success.

Eric Jacobson, Steve Rippl, and Michael Green have done some data gathering on the system and believe it could positively impact communication in our district.  Currently, we use many different tools for communication across the district including "Remind," Twitter,  Class Dojo, and others.  With Apptegy, schools will be expected to utilize Thrillshare.

Because of the cost of Apptegy, we want to gain approval from the board prior to moving forward.   Attached is an informational and cost sheet for your review.  With the implementation of Apptegy, it is expected that we can discontinue our use of "School Messenger" as a robo-calling application and replace it with Thrillshare calling.   

Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we authorize the superintendent to move forward in integrating Apptegy into the communication structures and strategies of the Woodland School District.

Attached Files:
Apptegy - Woodland Cost Comparison.pdf 380KB application/pdf