Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 12/05/17

Re: WMS December 2017 Board Report

The following are the key items we have been working on at Woodland Middle School:

Master Schedule-

Our building leadership team met again on 11/27 to continue discussion of a new master schedule.  Some of the key items we reviewed were:

Priorities/Must Haves:

  • Increase in core instructional minutes
  • Increase teacher/student contact time
  • Tiered Reading Intervention Structure
  • Advanced Math Classes
  • Advanced Classes in other content areas (long-term)

Main points from staff feedback that they would like to see:

  • Longer Core= 11
  • Homeroom Change/Remove= 11
  • Remove Collaboration= 8
  • Same Periods (length)= 4

We also discussed the following two questions and compiled a list of ideas:

  • What are some desires/components we would like to see in the new schedule?
  • What are some potential obstacles/considerations as we revamp the schedule?

Fall Conferences-

We have the preliminary results from our fall conferences.  Approximately 78% of our families attended. This was a great opportunity for conversations.  We would like to see the attendance increase to over 85%.

Our Student of the Month award winners were:

October: Chase Hall (5), Addison Stading (5), Natalia Oltean (6), Karina Wiest (6), Monica Mendez (7), Ryder Reese (7), Heaven Jenkins (8), Ruth Richards (8).

November: Miranda Dalpias (5), Cooper Martin (5), Sienna Ek (6), Kayleh Peppers (6), Brooklynn Donald (7), Natalie Thayer (7), Genesis Sanders (8), Juan Carlos Machic (8).