Substitute Pay and Incentives

The pool of Substitute teachers has remained stable but very small.  There is a great deal of competition with other districts for substitute teachers.  Every year we review the rate of pay that we offer our substitute teachers to ensure that we are offering a competitive rate in order to ensure our classrooms are covered by qualified substitute teachers. Here is the following summarizes the data:

Full-Day Rate

Half-Day Rate













These data are somewhat unstable insofar as several districts are considering adjustments to the rates. Some districts have begun offering “incentives” for substitutes who serve consistently in a school district These incentives range between $13 and $20 per day and are triggered after 20-30 days of service.

We are proposing to the board for approval of an adjustment of the base to $145/$85 and an incentive of $15 additional ($160/$92.50) after 25 days of service in the first semester. We believe that this will help our competitiveness, particularly considering that many of our substitutes come from outside of Woodland and weigh drive time and the cost of fuel into their decision-making.  

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/. “I move we approve increases to the substitute rates and incentive as presented”