SW Washington STEM Network and Career Connected Learning

Mr. Ted Feller, Executive Director of the SW Washington STEM Network will be at the board meeting to present information to the board on the work of the STEM network and the work plan that we are developing together to develop a robust program for Woodland Students.

Below is a DRAFT work plan that has been drafted and we are presently working on refining:

Woodland would like to take three strategic steps for STEM/Career Connected Learning (CCL) implementation.
  1. Develop a STEM/CCL Strategic Plan
    • By December 2017,
      • Vickie will meet with Asha and John to begin the strategic planning process.
    • By August 2018,
      • Woodland will establish a STEM/CCL Team
      • Vickie will facilitate a STEM/CCL Strategic Planning process with the Woodland team.
      • Woodland will have a STEM/CCL Strategic Plan that can be used by Woodland leadership over the next couple years as implementation readiness is developed with Woodland staff.
  2. Establish Strategic Partnerships with Woodland's business community. Specifically the Woodland manufacturing community.
    • By December 2017,
      • Michael via the Woodland Chamber of Commerce will reach out to the business community to engage interested businesses in getting involved in hosting internships, mentoring students and participating in light touch Career Related Learning Experiences.
      • Ted will help Michael with this process if needed. Ted can get other business leaders that are already involved to speak at a Chamber meeting if Michael would like.
    • By April of 2018,
      • John and the Middle School Principal will, with the support of Network Partners, develop a CCL kickoff event modeled after the Kalama Days event.
      • Network staff will provide technical support and resources for the Woodland event.
  3. Establish an Instructional Worksite Learning Program for STEM Careers (IWLS).
    • By February of 2018,
      • Paul and Partners In Careers staff will develop processes and procedures for on-site internships in Woodland.
    • By June of 2018,
      • Paul and PIC staff will have
        • Onboard businesses interested and able to host 90-hour internships.
        • Recruited interested students in participating in the summer and/or fall 2018 internships.
      • Ted and Asha will have worked with LCC, PIC, and Paul to articulate college credits for IWLS internships.
    • By August of 2018,
      • Heidi and Ted will develop a course syllabus, as well as a scope and sequence for a classroom-based IWLS experience that is aligned to a third-year math credit.
      • Ted, Heidi, and Asha will have worked with LCC to articulate college credits for Classroom-based IWLS experiences.
      • Heidi and Ted will work with established industry partners to onboard and recruit mentors for the class.
      • Paul and John will work to enroll interested students into the course for the Fall of 2018.

Attached are five documents that may be of interest to the board.   

CCL Learning is...   a one-page overview of a potential continuum and scope for Career Connected learning.

Classroom-Based Internship Syllabus... is an example of school-based quasi-internship focused at soft skill development.

IWLS Overview... an overview of Instructional Worksite learning where students are placed directly in an industry to develop skills.

Network Business Flier... a document designed to communicate with businesses about the opportunity of partnering with schools.

AWB...  an article from the Association of Washington Business journal that highlights the internship program.

Attached Files:
AWB.pdf 259KB application/pdf
CCL Learning is......pdf 168KB application/pdf
Classroom-Based Internship syllabus.docx 613KB application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
IWLS Overview.pdf 2MB application/pdf
Network Business Flyer.pdf 3MB application/pdf