CTE Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: November 21, 2017

Subject: CTE Report

Here is a glimpse into what’s happening in the CTE programs at WMS and WHS:

Joe Bosch’s WMS Horticulture Class has been growing herbs and celery that have matured to the point that they will begin delivering winter produce to the food bank (soon).  Horticulture is cleaning up leaves all over the campus to add to our compost bins.

In Wayne Miller’s classes, the students are in the process of removing an engine from a 2002 Ford F150 and are in the process of finishing another shop motor.

Nalean Warndahl’s HOSA club just had a very successful food drive at the high school. It was a competition between advisories. The winning advisory each day got homemade cookies and the overall winner gets an ice cream party. All of the food went to the Woodland Action Center.

Britt Jud’s LEGO Team’s next competition is coming quickly and the team is working feverishly to finish the Robot runs and Project board. Britt commented that he can already see some real growth in the returning team members over last year and the new additions to the team have really stepped up to fill needs that have arisen. Teamwork is one of the most important skills these kids will be using in their future endeavors and he’s really blown away by everyone's individual efforts.  The past few weeks his team has been begging to stay late after-school, which is awesome!  It's going to be a fun time at Catlin Gable School on Dec. 2nd.

Kim Miller’s Early Childhood Ed students volunteered to host free childcare at our new "Connect" night on Thursday the 16th of November. Students put together age-appropriate activities for the two different age groups. Children 0-7 were in the H.S. classroom used for Preschool age students and children 8-12 were in the auxiliary gym. The feedback from the night was that parents loved having the free childcare and hopefully next year more families will attend. SkillsUSA just got done with a joint outing with FBLA and FFA, now they are all gearing up for competitions.

Mike Lindsay’s Intro to Computer Science class is currently learning how to work with and traverse lists. This concept will culminate with the students creating a computerized hangman game. Students are also designing a t-shirt that TEALS/Microsoft will be printing for all our students taking Intro to Computer Science.

Mary Ellen Vetter’s floral program had an article about our program in the magazine “Florist Review”, which is sold all over the United States. Also, Woodland hosted a Floriculture competition on November 4th. Our team placed 2nd. Cooper Kaml placed 1st and Jacob Laddusaw placed 5th overall.

Rose Ruff’s classes have a lot going on as usual…

Marketing/Student Store Custom Apparel: Marketing students have been working hard all year taking orders, designing apparel, and pressing shirts. So far students have made a total of just over $5,000 in sales.

FBLA: Students in FBLA participated in a CTE club event with FFA and SkillsUSA this past weekend. Students were able to enjoy a night watching the Winter Hawks play at the Moda Center.

Computer Applications: So far, a total of six students have passed the PowerPoint Industry Exam and two have passed the Microsoft Word Industry Exam. Students are well on their way to being industry certified in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.