2009-2010 ESD 112 Contracts

We have multiple contracts with the ESD for services we recieve. Each year you are asked to review and approve these agreeements. The bulk of next year's agreements are attached.


The estimated cost of these agreements are as follows:


Flash Alert Newswire $ 425

Integrated deliver services $4481.00

Clock Hours $1620

Specialized Transportation $4000 + Cost sharing of overages ($27K in 08-09)

Science Materials Coop $ 13,200

K-20 Network $ 0

Regional Special Ed. Technical Consultation Services $2000

Graduation Alternative Program $ Flowthrough of apportionment

Center for Academic Advancement $ same as Skills center (60% of FTE, but we can claim up to 1.0 FTE in woodland)

HS Reentry Program $650 per student per month served

Cowlitz Truancy Program Services $0

Workforce Development Program $0

Information Management $33.56 per FTE student (down from $35.06 in 08-09) Total for 09-10 estimated at $71,506.25 (Down from $74,683.41)


Administrative Recommendation/ Approve a presented and authorize the Superintendent to sign all agreements.

Attached Files:
center for career & academic advancement.pdf 2 application/pdf
clock hours.pdf 1 application/pdf
co-op info managment services.pdf 8 application/pdf
graduation alternative program.pdf 2 application/pdf
integrated delivery services.pdf 2 application/pdf
k-20 network support.pdf 2 application/pdf
re-entry program.pdf 2 application/pdf
regional special ed services.pdf 3 application/pdf
school announcement network.pdf 3 application/pdf
science materials co-op.pdf 2 application/pdf
specialized transportation.pdf 3 application/pdf
truancy project.pdf 905 application/pdf
workforce development.pdf 891 application/pdf