Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 11/20/17

Re: WMS November 2017 Board Report

The following are the key initiatives/items that we have been working on at Woodland Middle School:

Master Schedule-

Our building leadership team is meeting again on 11/27 to continue our analysis and discussion of a new master schedule.  Staff were given their first opportunity to give feedback during our staff meeting on 11/6.  Staff members were asked to identify things they would like to see in the new schedule and things they fear.  This helped us look for consistencies that we should consider during the change process.

Math Curriculum Update-

We had our first opportunity on 11/13/17 to review two curriculum choices.  Staff were actively engaged going through these examples.  During our math adoption day on 11/30, we will be going over an additional two curriculums.

Fall Conferences-

Our staff once again used the “Skyward” scheduler to contact families to sign up for conferences.  We also placed host tables in the green and yellow hallways.  These tables provided an array of information from sports to academic support.  Many families stopped by and greeted staff, ate a cookie, and picked up information. 

Attendance Structure-

We have begun our new check-in process for our at-risk (of being chronically) absent students.  They have been checking in each morning with a staff member and we are continually narrowing this list to provide a positive targeted intervention to those identified.  This is to help achieve our ultimate goal of under 10% chronic absenteeism.