CTE Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: October 18, 2017

Subject: CTE Report

Here is a glimpse into what’s happening in the CTE programs at WMS and WHS:

Joe Bosch’s WMS Horticulture Class just finished planting 300 flower bulbs around the middle school. We will be planting 300 decorative kale plants around the school. Our indoor herb garden should mature by the end of October and we can begin our fundraiser.

In Wayne Miller’s classes, Automotive is building a 350 engine from the bottom up and working on a F150 removing the engine for repair.  Welding has been working on their rat rod project and motorized drift carts.

Rose Ruff’s Marketing and FBLA students worked hard over the course of the last three weeks designing, taking orders, creating, and delivering Spirit Week shirts for their student body. Students were able to design four different transfers that represented each day of Spirit Week and successfully sold 225 shirts for $5 each. They are excited and ready to take on more orders!

Nalean Warndahl’s HOSA club had their 2nd meeting on Thursday and elected officers. They will be hosting a blood drive in October.

Britt Jud’s LEGO Team is working hard on this year's projects.  Designing a shower that filters its own water and building a robot to efficiently complete tasks. (They are using gears this year already!!) Can't wait to see what their finished projects will look like.

Kim Miller’s Early Childhood students have started working with our preschoolers. SkillsUSA is off to a great start. This year 36 students have signed up and they have been busy fundraising. This summer they delivered phone books, parents helped with the 50/50 raffle at Homecoming and club members are currently selling Golden Beaver Cards. Upcoming events are Fall Kick Off on October 28th, Leadership conference on November 2nd for the officers at Cispus and serving food at Empty Bowls on November 9th.

Mike Lindsay’s first semester of Intro to Computer Science is going great. The Intro to Computer Science class just wrapped up the 2nd unit. The unit project was for students to create their own version of the classic video game Pong. Below are the addresses to a couple. Press the green flag in the corner or the space bar to start. The up and down arrows control one paddle and the w and s keys control the other.