Yale Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: October 18, 2017

Re: Yale Elementary



Last Monday we held our annual Fall Cast conference for teachers at Yale. This is a time we review achievement and challenges of each student at Yale and reflect on what is working and what more we can do. Once again we are grateful for support of our special services staff from across the district who came out to Yale to review student achievement with us. It is always encouraging to review student challenges with the broader group of experts and get their input on ways we could intervene to achieve better results for our kids!

Safety Training:

Previously Kyle Niekamp was our safety liaison at Yale Elementary. Since his departure, we decided it is important for all staff to know and support safety responses, including how to run various drills and or respond to various accidents. Therefore, Scott Landrigan came out to meet with us and he reviewed our safety plans and procedures. We clarified our questions and revised some procedures, and then reviewed how to report student and staff accidents should they occur. Thanks to Scott for such a thorough walk through our procedures and tools, and always being available for support!