Resolution 2527 Classified Reduction

At the June 8 meeting of the board you approved a resolution regarding reduction in force of some of our classified staff. In that resolution I failed to include one staff member, Jane Brooks, who's 1 hour per day position as substitute caller has been eliminated. This resolution authorizes the reduction.
Woodland Public School District, No. 404
2009-2010 Classified Layoffs
Resolution No. 2527

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has determined that for 2009-2010 the District’s financial resources will not be adequate to maintain its current educational program and services at substantially the same level and that a financial necessity exists to adopt a reduced educational program for the 2009-2010 school year requiring a reduction in the current number of classified employment positions; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has identified classified positions and FTE to be eliminated or reduced to implement this reduced educational program; and

WHEREAS, the District has collective bargaining agreements with some of its classified employees that include procedures for identifying which classified employees are to be impacted by the elimination or reduction in positions; and

WHEREAS, the District administration has applied the criteria in the collective bargaining agreements and recommended which employees are to be laid off to implement the reduced programs and services;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Woodland Public School District No. 404 as follows:

1.    The following employees shall be laid off effective July 1, 2009:
Jane Brooks

2.    The Superintendent is directed to provide appropriate and timely notices to employees of the action taken by the Board of Directors in this resolution.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors of Woodland Public School District No. 404 at an open public meeting held on June 22, 2009 notice of which was given as required by law, the following directors being present and voting therefore.








Michael Z. Green, Secretary to the Board