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Resolution 17-12 — 2017-2018 Budget Appropriations

Resolution 17-12 — 2017-2018 Budget Appropriations reflects the draft budget presented at the August 14 meeting of the board of directors.   

The approval of this resolution will provide authorization to spend budgeted funds not to exceed:

A. General Fund                          $ 32,673,646.00

B. Transportation Vehicle Fund     $ 2,000,000.00

C. Capital Projects Fund                  $ 610,000.00

D. Debt Service Fund                    $ 2,981,144.00

E. Associated Student Body Fund   $ 348,750.00

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we adopt Resolution 17-12 as presented."

Attached Files:
DRAFT F-195 FOR 17-18.pdf 1MB application/pdf
Resolution 17-12.pdf 172KB application/pdf