Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: April 24, 2017

Subject: Human Resources Report

In the last two weeks, our district was represented at two career fairs, one in Tacoma and one in Portland. At both fairs our booth had consistent traffic and many educators stopped by to learn more about Woodland Public Schools. My teaching time at Washington State University brought some students who had heard me talk in class about “Landing the Job” and wanted to make a connection. With that being a success I am looking at next year making more connections to get into college classes before the fairs to increase interest in Woodland Public Schools.

After the career fairs I take the resumes we collect and copy them for the appropriate administrators. This allows the administrator to see who visited the booth and read our impressions so that if they apply to job openings it can be used as an additional tool in screening applicants. I also email all of the top educators who visit our booth and encourage them to apply to current openings. This year many followed up with an email and did apply.

This time of year is full of interviews and new hires as well as resignations. When someone resigns they are sent an exit survey that I use to help track any areas we can improve on in terms of communication and onboarding. I also invite them to meet with me to go over their answers and thank them for their service with the district. It continues to be a helpful process.

When an administrator recommends an applicant for hire they meet with the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent as a final approver. At that time if it is decided to move forward with hiring they are given a letter of intent to sign which upon board approval becomes a binding contract. This week we have many new certificated hires on the consent agenda for approval and with this early hiring, we are able to access some top educators. It was wonderful to sit at the table with many of these new hires and see their excitement for our district and our students.

Next week I will again meet with Washington State University students and will talk on the topic of legal pitfalls students need to be aware of as they start their career. On May 3, 2017, I will be at a career fair at Clark College with Shannon Barnett recruiting bus drivers and classified substitutes. This is our first time attending this fair but I am hopeful we will communicate a great opportunity to a new audience.