Athletics Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: April 20, 2017

Subject: Athletics Report

Track and Field

  1. Post season begins May 11 (Sub-Districts)
    1. Both teams are very competitive
    2. Our girls team is now 4-0 in league with some of the top individual scorers in the state.


  1. Post season begins May 9th. With so many rainouts (and the shortage of officials), it will be challenging to get all of our regular season league games in before post season starts.
    1. Varsity record 2-3 League, 6-3 Overall
    2. JV record 4-0 League, 8-1 Overall


  1. Post season begins May 18th. Our young team has struggled at times but also has been competitive and shown glimpses of a really bright future.
    1. Varsity record 0-2 League, 5-7 Overall
    2. JV record 1-0 League,5-1 Overall

Boys’ Soccer

  1. Post season begins May 6. Our team has been extremely competitive and quite honestly has been the recipient of some bad luck – losing 3 league games in overtime and other league games by one goal.
    1. Varsity record 2-6 League, 3-2 Overall
    2. JV record 1-6-1 League, 1-9-2 Overall (JV games can end in a tie)

Girls’ Golf

  1. Post season begins May 16th at Riverside Golf Course (Chehalis)
    1. Our girls are very competitive and are in the running for a league title.

HS Dance and Cheer

  1. Our team performed extremely well – finishing 4th in state for Pom and 5th in state for Hip Hop.


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  2. Our league also has a website: