Yale Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: April 19, 2017

RE: Report Yale Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Technology: Yale students enjoy a generous device to student ratio, however, this is very beneficial considering the unique educational delivery model. It is exciting to report that ten additional devices are being ordered, with more coming this summer. This will make some opportunities to extend and enrich learning possible, and these next weeks will be spent ensuring staff has the support they need to best utilize this resource.

Parent Outreach: Parents of current fourth-grade students will gather for an information session the evening of April 25th. This event is to give families information so they can make informed decisions regarding placement for their children next year. With middle school beginning in 5th grade, this is a natural transition opportunity for Yale students. We will explore benefits of both settings, share the academic differences, and answer any questions about the WMS experience.  

Facilities:  Yale Elementary is getting some welcome attention in regard to the care and maintenance of the facility. Locksmith work is being undertaken to condense the keys needed for access to a minimal number, as well as deep cleaning of some of the carpeted areas. Externally, more bark chips will be added to the playground area to ensure a safe experience for children. All of the care facilitated by Scott Landrigan is very appreciated by staff and the Yale community.

Staffing:  One of our beloved teachers, Kyle Niekamp, has resigned to accept a position closer to his family. He is sad to be leaving Yale but glad to be near loved ones in the near future. Yale teachers Veronica Cortez and LeAnne Tevlin, along with Instructional Coach Pat Jones, partnered with me to evaluate for hire applicant Neil Morrisseau. He conducted an observed lesson, as well as a series of interviews before being recommended for hire. The opportunity to work through the hiring process allowed our team to engage in some critical dialogue regarding future areas of focus for Yale Elementary, as well as a chance to examine the current practice. We are excited to engage in this planning for the next year.