Lewis River Academy Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: April 19, 2017

Re: Lewis River Academy


Field Trip:

On April 12, 33 students and family members participated in our field trip to see the play Tomas and the Library Lady at the Oregon Children's Theater. It was an excellent program and we hope to return in future years.

Principal Math Challenge:

Next week, our students will compete against themselves to improve their math fact proficiency. To celebrate our success, I will host a pizza party on April 26.

Announced Upcoming Changes:

We announced our upcoming leadership changes to staff and families. The following letter went out to all LRA students and parents:

Lewis River Academy Students and Parents,

I wanted to take a moment and share with you staffing changes that will take place beginning July 1st, 2017. Jake Hall, our current Middle School principal will be changing roles in our district. He will be leaving the middle school leadership position and joining the district office team in a new role as Executive Director of Special Services and Alternative Programs. This means he will be principal of Lewis River Academy.  Mr. Hall is an incredibly smart and kind person and I am thrilled to have him support the students and staff of Lewis River Academy. I have complete confidence in his leadership and capacity to meet the unique needs of our families and students. It is our shared intent the program will provide the same services we currently offer our students.

As for me, I will continue in the district with my other responsibilities and remain in the same office just down the hall from our program. Fortunately, my responsibilities include continued visits to LRA to support teaching and learning aspects of our program.

I have loved every minute of serving you as principal these past years. Building this school with you has been, by far, the most rewarding experience I have ever had in my career as an educator. I look forward to continued partnership with you in the future and am excited about the future of the school under Jake’s leadership.

If you have any questions about this transition please do not hesitate to contact Jake or myself.