TEAM Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

Date: April 24, 2017

RE: TEAM High School Report 


Culminating Project Presentations

Many of our seniors having been gearing up for their culminating project presentations. During April and May, most of our students will present with the possibility of revising it in case they do not pass. TEAM students have the assistance of Mary Ann Sturdivan and all three teachers at TEAM High. With this kind of support, we have never had anyone fail. 

State Testing

Students are signing up for the ACT and SAT if they still have not passed a state-required exam.  There is a proposal in Olympia to eliminate the state exam requirement but we are pushing forward as if every student must pass the state exam in math, English, and biology. 


Our enrollment numbers are holding steady.  Due to several students not making Satisfactory Progress, we no longer have any students on the waiting list.  We are still serving over 90 students currently.