DISTRICT INFORMATION Posted Apr 24, 2017, 3:13:14 PM: TRAFFIC ALERT: Please plan for possible traffic delays both on your way to morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up as a result of the grand opening of Ilani Casino in Ridgefield. Parking lot overflow is causing delays to both Interstate-5 and the surrounding side streets. This traffic may also cause delays to KWRL bus routes causing buses to be late picking up and/or dropping off your students.

Employee of Excellence Awards

Click here to nominate an employee for the Employee of Excellence Award!

Woodland Public Schools invites its employees and the entire Woodland community to nominate employees to receive Employee Excellence Awards!

Employee of Excellence 2016 Employee of Excellence 2016 Employee of Excellence 2016 Employee of Excellence 2016

               Employee of Excellence Award Winners from 2016

The Excellence Award recognizes individual employees for creating a positive, caring, and productive school environment through exceptional effort, dedication, or performance in their areas of responsibility.

Any colleague, student, parent, or community member may submit a nomination by clicking here to go to the Nomination Form.